Wise & Wide Regeneration


We aim to create a device for the regeneration of the central and peripheral nervous system. 


Nerve Conduits


We are developing unique nerve conduits for the regeneration of peripheral nerve and spinal cord.

Stem Cell Transplantation


Some types of stem cells including neural stem cells and mesenchymal stem cells have beneficial effects for spinal cord regeneration in animal studies. We are analyzing any factors to promote functional improvements for patients with spinal cord injury. 

Biomaterial Scaffolds


We continue to find the best types of biomaterial scaffolds and hydrogel to improve spinal cord or peripheral nerve regeneration.

Imaging Techniques


Diffusion tensor imaging and tractography is a unique imaging technique to visualize white matter tracts within the brain and spinal cord in human. We are analyzing tractography in patients with spinal cord injury to find any regeneration or sprouting in spinal cord following any treatments.

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